Young Chinese Disciples in Venezuela

Youth group at Iglesia Bautista China de Caracas

Youth group at Iglesia Bautista China de Caracas

Chinese believers in Venezuela 

A little bit of history! Ready? The Chinese church in Venezuela was started by a small group of Chinese believers who immigrated to Caracas around the 70s. Baptist missionaries were investing time in these believers and it soon grew to be “La Iglesia China”. It had no denomination at that time, and more families were starting to join the small church. Soon after, more missionaries and pastors from different Christian organizations began to plant, water the soil, sharing the gospel and making disciples. Throughout time, more Chinese churches were planted and small groups started in different cities: Caracas, Puerto La Cruz, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracaibo, Maracay, San Cristobal, and Punto Fijo. Different organizations came to continue working with the churches.

Young adults and university students leading ministries, youth camps and our annual retreat during Easter.

Young adults and university students leading ministries, youth camps and our annual retreat during Easter.

Generational Gap 

Throughout the years, as second or third generation Chinese Venezuelans, there was a need for more discipleship and teaching of the word in Spanish. Children of the first believers were growing up, becoming teenagers and young adults, with the question of: Do I continue with my faith in Jesus? 

For those growing up in church, it might have been easy to just stay in church, but many faced the challenge of really seeking Jesus as their own personal Lord, Savior and friend, rather than simply following church activities and the influence of other believers. 

Questions like: Do I believe in Jesus or do I believe just because of my parents? Or my friends?  

Church is nice. It’s a good environment. It becomes like a family. But many believers have been in church for years and years, with the doubt of: Do I personally know Jesus? Have I had an intimate, personal encounter with the Messiah?  

Do only the Chinese disciple their own people?  

After some time, there were brave, fearless Venezuelan believers who began to see the need in discipleship of the second and third generation, to really know Jesus and to continue growing in their relationship, spiritual gifts and to be confident in leading and serving God’s family. Pastors and missionaries continued to disciple the churches as well, and continue to partner with our churches to preach, start ministries and bring support. Since the beginning of Chinese church plants in Venezuela, local Venezuelan believers have also joined our congregations, faithfully serving and discipling brothers and sisters from a different cultural background. 

Brothers and sisters gathered in Puerto La Cruz on the Sunday of the nationwide blackout week.

Brothers and sisters gathered in Puerto La Cruz on the Sunday of the nationwide blackout week.

Encounters with God

Through more discipleship, through youth camps, retreats, one-on-ones, deep conversations, many tears and laughter, many young believers became strengthened in their faith. To truly know God, trusting Him, and also becoming more secure about their calling. Some are called to serve, others are called to impact their community through business, others are called to go out and reach the nations, others are called to live in different countries to continue discipleship. Today, some of us can see that the same believers from Venezuela now meeting and growing in other Chinese or international churches in different countries: Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Panama, China, and more! The immigrant Chinese believers and Venezuelan believers were spread out throughout time, pastoring churches, leading in ministries, experiencing cross-cultural missions, and we all desire to grow more in the Lord! 

There is still a need to grow.  

Even with the great need in Venezuela, as we face political, economical and humanitarian crisis throughout the past years, it doesn’t mean our churches will die and completely give up. No. We will continue to fight against the enemy and trust that God will provide and meet the needs of every Chinese church. Every Venezuelan local church.

Many church leaders have moved to different countries, so there is a huge need for this generation of young believers for preparation, training and learning how to take care of the churches.

We need more awareness, for more believers in the world to pray and support us, to let you know that as Christians facing trials and tribulations in Venezuela, the gospel is spreading like fire and the people are encountering God in a supernatural way! Will you pray for the Christians in Venezuela? Will you pray for the Chinese believers and the Venezuelan believers? Stand with us? Fight with us?  


Sometimes it’s hard to dream because many say “there is no future in your country” but God is not limited in his plans for us! 

Janeth Ng