Nepali Food and Chai


The weekend of week 2 was so much fun! On Saturday, we journaled at local coffee shop, but it was way too loud. Too many kids around! At night, we took the girls to Mongkok to try some street food! Sunday, we all went to Solomon’s Porch together, and then walked around Tsim Sha Tsui. Jackie and I showed the girls around the ferry, ferris wheel, and Victoria Bay. At night, Barjona and Michelle took us to try Nepali food and chai tea! 


The speaker of the week was super joyful and welcoming! She taught us God’s story with motions, a great way to share the whole story of God through the Old Testament and New Testament. In Cantonese and English! 

God revealed so much of His truth during this week. I was able to understand more about the Trinity. How all three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit were together before creation and during creation. I loved learning more about God’s nature and character through the stories from the Bible. It was amazing! For so long, I was trying so hard to receive God’s love and approval, when He already loves me completely and He has no high expectations of me, nor He is pointing fingers at me. God is not a distant God. He is relational, personal, and close. So many tears and so many moments to hear His voice during this week. 

The characteristic that stood out to me was GENTLENESS. God is a gentle Father! God is interested in me, and He is so gentle. He doesn’t force anyone. He has given every person free will. He didn’t create us as robots to worship Him, He deeply desires a relationship with every one of His children. 


We went to eat dim sum together and it was the first time for some of the girls. It was fun to watch them eat chicken feet for the first time! We had a great time with our staff as well. During most of the time, we are in lectures together, so it was awesome to spend time together on the weekend. I loved hearing our speaker’s stories and her adventures with God. What a journey she’s had! I’m excited that we will be with her during outreach as well. It was hard to say bye. So glad we got to say, ”See you later!”

Janeth Ng