Christmas Outreach Prep Days


This video recaps the end of our preparation for Christmas Outreach 2018. For these four days, we've prepared dances and dramas and had many teachings equipping us to reach out to the city of Hong Kong. We desire to see the Holy Spirit reach out through us into the hearts of the people we encounter.


Usually, I’m not very passionate about acting or dancing, and many times I think I’m not very expressive, but God showed me that I was just filling my head with lies and discouragement. Christmas Outreach prep days were really fun! All of the YWAM Harbour City staff and DTS students came together, we enjoyed a couple days serving our base, cleaning, decorating and having times of worship. We practiced our dramas and dances over and over.

We also got training on Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare from our leaders from YWAM Hong Kong. It was so awesome to learn that spiritual warfare goes along with evangelism. Without the direction of the Holy Spirit, it is very easy to use our own strength and words for when it comes to sharing the gospel to people and seeing salvations. I learned that we need to keep one ear listening to the Holy Spirit and the other ear listening, learning about the people we meet during evangelism.

Salvation is a supernatural event!
— Nancy

Worship before evangelism is also key, to open the space for the Holy Spirit to prepare hearts and to guide us to the people God wants us to meet. I had never done evangelism this way before, I would just trust my own intuition and share the gospel, without really caring for the person’s story or background. I used to be so focused on the task of evangelism, that I missed out on the essence: the Holy Spirit, and how salvation is truly a supernatural event. During evangelism, we bring people closer to Jesus.

Janeth Ng