The Beginning of DTS in Hong Kong


One of Hong Kong’s strongest typhoon hit two days before I officially moved into YWAM Harbor City’s base. On Saturday, my leaders Cheryl and Barjona picked my sister and I at the apartment where I had been staying since July. We were able to get to know each other for a bit while bringing our luggages into the base. I met Ashley from Ohio, one of the DTS students. 

Tuesday was officially the day we could move into the student housing. As I settled in, I met two of my other DTS classmates, Melissa from Minnesota and Sophia from Tennessee. During the first night, we were able to bond, talk about our love for food, and about our families. It was truly a great start. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure who I would be living with for the next 6 months! The five of us got along really well and it was just our first night. 

The first week was mostly an introduction to YWAM, core values, and some guidelines. We started our work duties towards the end of the week, which included food run (grocery shopping), lunch and dinner clean up, or working up in the offices for student communications. It was a time to adjust to the lifestyle at the base and we were able to meet everyone on staff. 

The closest city is called Yuen Long. It’s a bit further from the base, I went on a minibus with Barjona, Alicia and Melissa. It was our first time together out in Yuen Long. Barjona showed us around, introducing some shops. We got bubble tea as well! 

The closest town to the base is called Kam Tin. Just a 15 minute walk through the shortcut. Our leaders, Anais, Cheryl, and Alicia took us out to Kam Tin to know the most common places to shop or buy food. 


Living at the base for the first week wasn’t hard to adapt. The only challenge was probably waking up early and adjusting to the DTS schedule. Somehow, God helped me through the mornings, because I am not a morning person at all! Saturdays and Sundays are free days for us. It also gives us a time to process and journal what we experienced during the week. My sister and I met up with my mom on Saturday, it was great to spend the whole day with her, catching up and also saying goodbye, since she was going back to Venezuela the next day. Bittersweet! Yet I was so thankful that she’s our prayer warrior and has a huge heart for missions. 

Janeth Ng